So i was looking through a new 2019 Lionel Catalog. I see plenty Id love to get like the Santa Fe Northern 3571. My only question is is Lionel still doing that **** "Standard" Whistle or have they gone back and made the Whistles match the locomotive? Or do we not really know at this point?

Greg R.

Lone Star Hi Railers

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I recorded that locomotive personally in San Bernadino on Lionel's behalf many years ago. As I am no longer working for Lionel, I can't say what the upcoming release includes. But to the best of my recollection, past Lionel 3751 models ALWAYS used the sound of the ACTUAL 3751 whistle.

Rudy Trubitt

Past Director of Audio, Lionel, LLC (2011-2018)

I know the older Legacy Santa Fe Northern from the 2012 catalog had what I suspect though is the correct whistle.  It had bad smoke fan motors, but they were easy to fix.

Rudy, you did a great job on the sound. I have the original 3751 and it remains one of my favorites.

I was stationed at Norton AFB at the time the loco first fired up and moved down the tracks in San Bernardino. Pretty neat. You got all the sounds perfect.

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