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To anyone out there who has one of the new Lionel Legacy E8s....are you noticing a constant static background sound from the lead unit? I have 2 other recent Legacy Diesels (2017 E8 and 2019 PA) and don’t hear any static at all from any of them.

Let me know what you think.


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JamesRx - Yeah, I think I hear it - after I turned my volume up FULL.  The sound is very 'faint' (kind of like white noise) and - to me - resembles tiny seeds (or something akin to that) falling on a counter top. A very faint tapping sound.

Having said that, if I owned one of these engines (which I don't) I'm not sure what I'd do about it.  With all the trials and tribulations expressed on this Forum these days about getting repairs for more significant things, I'd probably just run the trains and 'try' to ignore it.  However, in a perfect world it would be nice if this sound didn't exist I suppose.

Good Luck!

I just spoke with Aaron from Lionel.  He has been instructed to not issue RA's for the clicking/popping noise on these E8's.  It is considered normal.  Preposterous.  I spoke with my dealer.  He offered to look at the engines and see about a repair but admitted if Lionel says it's normal he's not sure what he can do about it.

So I guess my choice is either 1) have this E8 set on my layout as a monument to getting fleeced, or 2) get Visa involved which will (I'm sure) end my relationship with my dealer.

Great!   Feeling really good about Lionel right now (yes, sarcasm).

@JamesRx posted:

Hi Chuck, yeah maybe video not capturing it well but it’s like a snap crackle and pop and it’s constant... just something I’ve never heard before on a Legacy

Dave said on another thread this will be normal going forward and there is no way to eliminate it.  It replaces the faint beeping noises previous legacy engines had. My new b6sb features the static as well.  All sounds have just a tiny bit of static and when the engine is has sounds turned down, it's more evident.  We have to just live with it.

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Gears, paint, trucks, couplers........and now sound??  Sheesh.

I remember when Lionels biggest issue was the smoke unit, but.... they have always been the leader in the sound dept.....until now.

TMCC stuff has never looked better, and its saving me a ton of money.

Having said that. I'll never part with the few "first gen" legacy locos I have.

IMO , these are the pinnacle of Lionels sound.

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