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We are excited to announce that Scott Mann of 3rd Rail will be taking on a new licensing deal with Lionel for the distribution of ERR Products. Scott is a fixture in the train space and has been connected to Lionel using the ERR technology/boards in his products for over 10 years. Stay tuned for future updates as it will take a few months to receive parts inventory and for Scott and his team to get up and running.

Here is the link to the official announcement on the Lionel website: http://www.lionel.com/articles...el-Electric-Railroad


Dave Olson

Director of Engineering

Lionel LLC

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Folks,  We are excited about this arrangement/agreement as well.  We hope we can provide you the support you have been accustomed to.  But for now, give us a few weeks to get our order page up, and know that we won't have stock for at least 4 months from the time we order to the board maker. Hoping for an October delivery schedule.

Cheers and thanks to Howard and his crew for putting this together so quickly and painlessly.

More later.

Scott Mann

Now everyone we need to support this effort from Scott by putting our money where our mouths are when he’s up and running in the fall or sooner. 



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