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Not Again ! Please forgive me if this is old news but I just got off the phone with my favorite Lionel dealer whom is a sponsor here on the forum. I called to inquire if I could pick up my preorder Lionel SKU: 2335090 and was told the whole batch that they recieved have a "Running Issue" and have been returned to Lionel to do what they will with. Has anyone here heard what the issue is? Not looking forward to another experience where my new loco gets more mileage put on it via Fed-Ex going back and forth to North Carolina than it ever will on the track.  Thanks for any insight.

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I think there is another issue with the single RDC cars that were cataloged as well. I have on reservation the New Haven powered RDC1 (all passenger compartment). Here it the picture as cataloged:

Lionel NH RDC 41 As Cataloged

Now, here is the link to Trainworld, which has an actual product photo:

Lionel O 2335140 O NEW HAVEN LIONCHIEF PLUS 2.0 BUDD RDC 3 #41 (

Lionel used the RDC3 shell, with baggage and RPO compartments, which is the same power unit as in the 2-car sets. I understand the item may not be exactly as cataloged, but in my opinion this is a completely different model. The only reason I ordered the single unit was it was a powered RDC1, which MTH never produced, and which I imagine would be much more popular than a single RDC3.



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  • Lionel NH RDC 41 As Cataloged

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