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No thank you. Personally, I am tired of these fantasy paint schemes. Just my opinion. I am also tired of the inferior products that have become the norm for Lionel. Again, just my opinion. I wish them well. Moving forward, Scott at 3rd Rail is getting all my money. He offers a product, albeit expensive, that will perform out of the box without issues and looks good. And, if there is a problem, he will take care of it.

I read these posts about “what are you buying from the catalog” and just sit here saying to myself.....”haven’t you folks been reading all the negative press about Lionel the last few years”? And yet you still buy only to complain about your purchase when you get it in December.

Not a scale guy, so I won't be buying, but if they came out with an LC+ 2.0 Hudson, I'd consider it. I've got a string of Pacemaker freight cars that I run behind a black loco. Might be fun on a toy train themed layout. The challenge is that some makers made the Pacemaker cars in red and gray while others were more of a maroon and gray. They work for me, but it's definitely a mismatched string of cars.

I think you can find this diversity of responses only among O gauge model railroaders - much less so in HO and other scales. Some go for fantasy and the 1950s look, others prefer prototypical scaling, details and paint. Count me among the latter, but I don't question people's choices about how they participate in the hobby. It's a personal decision they're free to make.


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Although many O scalers like the real thing, I think Lionel should be commended for offering the many fantasy colored paint schemes, this red steamer is simply a beautiful color and should sell well. When this pandemic ends, and folks visit the many different home layouts pictured here, it’s Diesels/Locomotives like these that steal the show. Thank you for the Question. Yes. The different  Sante Fe 2-10-10-2’s, the Veranda, The Hiawatha, the Bi-Polar, all are so really colorful. After all, it’s a hobby for both toy train enthusiasts, and scale folks to. Happy Railroading Everyone

I think it would look ok pulling freight but it would look really beautiful out in front of matching passenger cars! I would probably put it in front of a passenger train if I had passenger service on my layout. I always picture blacked out locomotives as dirty freight haulers built for service and nothing else. The beautifully painted locomotives seemed like they should run passenger service. The Crescent Limited comes to mind.

ya I kinda want one!

Not my cup of tea Alex, but it is stunning to say the least. When I pop to the train store today, going to ask if it is supposed to be weathered since it looks like it. Ryan and Dave said yesterday they believed 2790 was the prototypical one that is to be weathered.

Well, I got nothing unfortunately. I talked to Tony my local dealer, and it appears Lionel has flubbed once again with distribution. This time they got the catalogs out, but not the order sheets. Tony also pointed out that weathered locomotives are usually more expensive. So, I sent out an email to hopefully get a definite answer about what is being weathered and not.

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