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Notch 6 posted on Facebook that they had theirs, but it was only a black-and-white photo of part of the engine. I, for one, would love to see how these things turned out, particularly the first run edition. It would be great if Lionel got the gloss coat right, as in not glossing parts like the smokebox, exposed portion of the firebox, etc..

If anyone has photos of theirs, do share!

Happy to share our experience with ours today. I ordered the excursion version which arrived direct from Lionel today. I would expect these to take about a week to a week and a half to filter out through the distributors, etc. 

I will say that I accidentally ordered the Excursion version not the first run as I had intended. I was going to try and correct my mistake but have been informed that Lionel is 100% sold out on the First Run version. Currently is showing stock on 4005 and 4012. All #4014s are showing sold out. So assume that if you want one it's going to need to be scooped up from a dealer that ordered extras. 

Overall I'm very pleased with what I received. The paint is good and I actually am happy to have the flat version of the paint vs. the gloss. I will be adding the chalk marks to the smoke box door with decals from Circus City Decals who makes a set in O gauge. I like the dressed up cab floor, and otherwise the detailing is what you can expect from a Lionel Big Boy these days. Sound is spot on. If you've seen a Vision Line Big Boy in action, then you've basically seen this locomotive. 

I enjoyed running the locomotive with my oldest son tonight who is now a whopping six years old. He was with me when 4014 made an appearance in Chicago last Summer. To watch him run the locomotive tonight and enjoy the sound and all the smoke effects was well worth it. I hope you all enjoy yours when they arrive shortly. 



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