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Just got my new Mr. Muffin custom run Union Pacific E-9’s they are great looking locomotives. Everything works flawlessly. I did finally notice that the front coupler on the trailing A unit wouldn’t fire. Hoping to find a loose connection I went looking and popped off the shell. Naturally I did find the loose connection but it was just a simple connector on top of the truck. If it twists to the engineer side of the locomotive it will pop out of its socket. If you twist it to the fireman (conductor) side the wire is just long enough not to pop out. This only if you are trying to remove or reinstall the truck in normal operation everything seems fine. In the midst of this the shell is already off so here’s some pictures of Lionel’s new boards not great but here they are if interested. Also note this the rear unit so no sound board


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  • EFB1841A-4103-4499-B462-AAFDBF96B5D5
  • 5D35E398-D79C-492F-B913-A49FFF3D935D
  • 40A646E5-D6FA-4EC1-84D9-5C401002D4B5
  • 2473FA73-6203-4699-8D8F-3C0E2D2F2314
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Looks like 2 smaller vertical boards hooked to the primary one.  I also see the bluetooth radio on one end, with heat sink on the opposite end.  Seems like most of the connectors are on the outside of the board. 

I have a E8 that should have the new board on order.

Hopefully we can get Bruk to do a update to his Legacy boards pin out documents.


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Yes Jim. From what I saw looks like the smaller board is the radio board as that’s where the antenna connection was and the other vertical board looks to be the motor driver of sorts as that’s where the the FETs were. The Bluetooth board as seen is now soldered directly to the main PCB and apparently I didn’t get a good shot but on the bottom of the main PCB is a decent size Micro Processor. The heat sink end houses the bridge rectifier and we’ll just have to wait and see if Burk and come up with another wiring diagram for us 😉

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