New Lionel Corp Grey 400e different than in catalog?

In the latest Lionel Corp Tinplate catalog it shows the Grey 400e with nickel bands and red wheels. A real looker!! But when you look it up in the MTH locater it has no bands and black wheels! Also, in the photo with the other 400e engines from the catalog it shows the black wheels. Can anyone confirm which one that they're actually selling?  Also, has anyone bought the UP? Was wondering how it looks in person! 



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I noticed there were some differences between the catalog and the MTH Product Locator photo's....I'm under the impression they just took some shortcuts on the locator webpage. I ordered the 390E Two Tone green loco and in the catalog (11-1050-1 on pg 21) it's in traditional colors, yet on the locator it shows a different color green. I fully expect it to be as advertised in the catalog...


Well... I have the answer to my original question...the 400e that's in the box is not the one pictured in the catalog but the one on the locator.  What a huge disappointment.  Really careless and sloppy on MTH's part. I can't imagine how many folks who preordered wound up sending it back.


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