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My new Lionel Legacy Bog Boy smoked great for a couple of minutes for both stack and whistle smoke. I initially added 20 drops of smoke fluid, split between the two stacks, per the owner’s manual. I tried blowing first into the stacks which really helped smoke output for a couple of minutes, and then blew into the whistle smoke hole which also helped for a minute  or two. I then added 5 more drops of smoke fluid to the stacks. Smoke output continued to be less than impressive. When I shut down the engine, quite a bit of smoke slowly wafts out of the stacks. Have I over filled the smoke fluid and caused an air/fluid  block in the stack and whistle holes?

Other than these smoke issues, my Big Boy First Edition is gorgeous and runs flawlessly. There are no gloss paint issues on my engine.

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FWIW, my experience with hundreds of smoke units that have crossed my bench is 20 drops isn't nearly enough for a truly dry smoke unit.

This gave me a chuckle.  Last year I purchased a LC+ switcher to use at open houses at the coal tipple.    I followed the instructions to a 'T' but no smoke.  I figured what the heck and kept going until I had 20 drops or so in and still nothing.   I ran the engine for 6 hrs straight and no smoke.    Vinny was going to replace the smoke unit after the next show when all of sudden it started working fine after 5 minutes of running.   Never had another smoke issue with it.   I will take your sage advice to heart!


Have a look at these videos from Laidoffsick:

I am experimenting with 1 drop of fluid per 1 minute of run time and refilling after 10-15 minutes of run time; therefore, 10-15 drops from a Lionel graduated smoke dropper.  I don't know if that is effective since I have not taken a smoke unit apart for some time.  My objective is to not burn the wick.

A 2014 VL Lionel Big Boy was my 3rd Lionel engine; I toasted the 3 smoke units in it by starving them of fluid along with the RCMC; learned the hard way on how to care for a smoke unit; at that time I was gauging refills by watching for thin output; that didn't work for me.

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