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Just acquired a Lionel Legacy Diesel  SD 45  Susquehanna,  6-85040 with Bluetooth.

1) Never been inside one of these newer diesels with Bluetooth.  In the picture below, is that the Bluetooth board?  The parts section on Lionel's site does not include a pic of the board.

2) Most if not all of my newer Legacy diesels ramp down the smoke output when in neutral and ramp back up when moving.  This diesel in question does not do this.  Smoke level remains the same at rest or moving.

Could the placement of the Thermistor (distance from the element) play a role in this issue?  Or maybe this particular engine does not have this feature?

Thank You


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Thanks John.  I guess it is a board issue....      Is that the Bluetooth board in the pic?  The board is mounted to the floor under the hatch in the pic.

Tom...could you elaborate please.

Was your experience like what I am describing?  Does the ramp down smoke at idle not work for you either?



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