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John Rowlen posted:

Until I purchase the Penn Central Dining Car, I will use my Amtrak Dining Car to which I just added people.  I painted the interior at the beginning of March, but waited until an issue with the car was resolved.

The Lionel dining car will run with my twelve car Atlas O Amtrak Zephyr cars.  It will be nice to have the sounds as part of the train.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


Your work, and the others, detailing these cars is great. That's they way they should have been manufactured!

Decided to purchase the Penn Central Dining Car even with flaws.  I started painting the interior tables, table tops, and seats.

I cut strips of plastruct for seat backs and have painted them, then installed them to the back of the seat cubes.  The seats have three coats of paint, the table bases two coats, and the table tops have six coats of Acryl Flat White.

I now have to paint more Preiser 65602 Seated People.  (I only have 10 packs of 24 figures of the 125 packs I already painted left.)  The five cars I finished in the past week have depleted my supply of my favorite figures. I finished the coach floors of both UP Excursion Dome Cars, two CSX Executive coach cars and a SP Dining Car, a total of 49 cars detailed since February 26, 2018.

Once I add the people I am painting tonight, my seven-car Penn Central passenger set will be completed.  I will have to find another project to do.  Maybe I will clean the house.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


Images (6)
  • DSCN5977: Penn Central Dining Car interior.
  • DSCN5979: Painted tan seats, brown table bases and white tops.
  • DSCN5980: Cut strips of plastruct for seat backs.
  • DSCN5981: Seat backs are installed on back of seat cubes.
  • DSCN5982
  • DSCN5983

The Penn Central Dining car is drying and almost ready to close. It is my 49th Lionel 21" passenger car detailed since February 26, 2018.  I had to paint more Preiser 65602 people for the car.

Now I am waiting for the theater cars for CSX and UP and the UP Challenger set.  

It is time for a break from painting and detailing.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


Images (8)
  • DSCN5988
  • DSCN5989
  • DSCN5990
  • DSCN5991
  • DSCN5992
  • DSCN5993
  • DSCN5994
  • DSCN5995

Hi everyone!

I recently received a Lionel Penn Central Stationsounds diner, works really well and flawless so far. If anyone has pictures of the penn central 2 packs and 4 packs please post them below! I also would like to hear what the quality control was like before I buy those cars.



I punched tickets in those cars as a PC Conductor on the North Jersey Coast Line out of Penn Station.

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