New Lionel U33C - I'm happy!

I just received my Legacy Penn Central U33C about an hour ago. (I was actually posting on the forum when the mail carrier arrived)  I immediately opened the box and did a visual inspection of the locomotive.  It was perfect... no loose parts, no paint blemishes, no damage period. They even got the paint color right  I placed it on the layout for a "shake down" run.  It worked flawlessly.  All functions operated as intended. The radiator top removes to access the Run/Program switch, smoke unit switch and volume control pot.  The engine sound seemed appropriate for a GE FDL-16 prime mover.  The horn sounded like a 1968 Chevy horn, but its not offensive.  Crew dialogue was pretty generic, but that is okay with me.



The front pilot has a snow plow with MU hoses.  The General Steel Casting trucks are well represented.


The rear pilot is pretty basic.  While there are MU hoses, there is not much detail, otherwise.  I'm not planning on running it long hood forward.



 This is a BIG locomotive at over 17" in length.  It gives the impression of pure power.  It would look perfect on the point of a 100 car coal train.  It had no problem negotiating 042 curves, but it did look kind of silly due to the excessive overhang.


I MUed it with my Legacy SD45 for its initial run.  These locomotives make a nice looking pair.  (I have a GP35 in the consist as a buffer due to the kinematic coupler on the SD45 wanting to derail any freight cars coupled to it on 042 curves)

Please share you U33C photos, videos and comments. I am happy with mine!




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