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dkdkrd posted:

July 22??  We (LHS) got our cases of the new catalogs yesterday.  Stacked on the front counter.   

Had a good local laugh over one selection.  Our first trains customer for the day was looking for some WBB non-aluminum passenger cars in SP's Daylight colors to go behind his new WBB Daylight steamer.  He had been trying to pull a complete train of Lionel aluminum passenger cars so decorated.  Claimed the engine hardly had enough moxie to pull three!  (???).

Anyhow, when we were leafing through the new catalog we came across Lionel's new offering of the single-truck camp guessed it! SP's Daylight colors.   Yep.....Just what the customer will need....sleepers, coaches, diner,.......why, I'll bet his WBB 4-8-4 can pull a couple dozen of those cuties!!

And that new Santa Fe 'Blue Moose'?.....a 3751 painted in 'Goose Blue and Silver'!?!?!?  Holy Moly!

And LOTS of BTO's........the new norm.

All in all.....

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Great picture! If I was doing marketing for Lionel, I would make that child the poster boy.

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