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Hi all,

I recently joined after a few months of following this forum. I’m not into social media, but the knowledge and wealth of information here had me join my first forum!

I started years ago with a HO scale layout in the basement which stayed with the house at the request of the new buyer. A few years later, I ventured into N scale with a Woodland Scenics kit and lost interest because of its size. I did finish it and fortunately was able to sell it at one of the local train shows.        

Fast forward, I’m now retired after 34 years with the same company and looking for something I’ll enjoy doing. Having the hands on knowledge for finish carpentry and lots of patience, I started building o scale wood laser kits last fall. After building a few I realized I have found an enjoyable hobby! With that being said, I now have to display these buildings where they belong. After all my research and the knowledge from this forum, I decided on a fastrack layout. And so begins my work in progress. I will post pictures of my building and layout progress on the appropriate posts.


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@Genemed posted:

I will post pictures of my building and layout progress on the appropriate posts.


Welcome to the forum Gene! There’s so much valuable information here! Great forum and great members who contribute all that wonderful knowledge. Might I suggest to also make your own thread to document your build for others to follow easily. Enjoy your build and most importantly, have fun with it! Happy Railroading!

Hi Gene,

Welcome aboard.

I enjoyed reading  your OP. It reminded me of the time I joined this Forum.

Like you, I was not into social media. In fact, I had zero involvement with social media, on line forums and the like, except for doing a little Facebook.

Unlike you, I joined this Forum almost immediately after I found out about it, from one of our fearless leaders, Alan Arnold, back in November 2017, and I have been one of the most active Forum members ever since.

For me, this Forum is a great a source for knowledge and information about our great hobby and wonderful trains, comraderie, a place to express one's creativity, and entertainment. 

You should derive many of the same benefits that I have as a Forum member.

Except for my heavy involvement here, a little bit of involvement on Facebook, and occasional involvement with LinkedIn for my profession, I don't do any other social media.

Again, Gene, welcome aboard. Arnold

Hi Gene. I've been here for a little over 7 years. I found the site because every google search I did brought me here, so I quickly joined when I started my layout. It is an amazing source of info and camaraderie for train nuts like us. All of the sponsors are great too.

Please keep us posted on your build. Got a track plan to share? If not, then how big, what period are you modeling, loop runner, operator, or both???????

Inquiring minds want to know.

This site is the closest I'll ever get to social media sites too. I find them to be a tremendous waste of time.


Welcome Gene - I joined about 4 months ago, and my story is similar.  HO from childhood until last year with "breaks", dabbled in N in the mid 90's.  Got started in O about 1 year ago.  I have just been acquiring trains.

Hope to start a layout soon.  Currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment, but it has a large living room, 20' long if I don't need to access the closet.  So you may have inspired me to get going.  Please provide basic Information on your layout size and construction used.  Think I could do something similar, could build with removable legs for if I move.

See, your first post an you are contributing already!

Thanks - Jim

@RSJB18 posted:

Very nice Gene. I just saw your structures on the Sunday Scenic Showcase. Very nice work.

You will find that we are a bunch of enablers, and are generally a bad influence.......I see a very large, empty basement in the background........layout expansion space????


Thanks, my plan this fall is building a wall at the end of the layout and possibly starting a workshop on the unfinished side.

@Genemed posted:

The original plan is based on the 4x8 Cisco RR from the O gauge railroading plan book. I designed my revised edition with the help of the Anyrail program. The size is now 4x17 with a future additional loop. A30FAE9C-5761-4607-9532-D169FD884C1C

I particularly like the interconnectedness on your layout, Gene. Makes for fun operations.

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@Genemed posted:

Thanks Arnold, with the direction of trains running I may add an additional set of turnouts going to the other loop for ease of direction.

I opted for, and built, a switching layout with 2 main loops that are independently powered and interconnected. It also has 8 independently powered and interconnected sidings and 1 independently powered and interconnected passing siding.

I don't think I have a diagram of it. I ad libbed over a long time when I built it. It has held my interest for 25 years. Arnold

Welcome aboard, Gene!!  Your story of how you grew in the hobby sounds just like mine, except I joined OGR when I was 55, just over 10 years ago.  I'm retired now and have been working on my layout for a few years.  If you haven't seen my layout planning-build-replanning-build-etc topic, a link is in my signature line, but I'll post it here as well.  Blackwater Canyon Line  I'm not blowing my own horn.  Instead, I believe it is a great example how folks on this Forum come together to help each other with new ideas and skills.  My layout would be much less without the help form every member on this Forum.

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