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The Vermont Rail System has been cut in half for many months while this new tunnel project has been under way.  VTR will now be able to host double-stacks and extend Amtrak's Ethan Allen Express from Rutland to Burlington.  This section was the last piece to come up to Amtrak's standard.

The tunnel hosted its first train this morning:


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Middlebury looks like a beautiful place to live. I hope the old railroad station is being preserved. It is a gem.

This is the kind of infrastructure project that the United States should be doing. When will the Amtrak Hudson River tunnel (NJ to NY) ever get built?

I looked for evidence of drainage in the tunnel and the cuts on either side. I'm sure it was done but I couldn't see it on the video. Otherwise a good example of modern construction on a worthwhile project.


Reminds me of the Alameda Corridor out here in Los Angeles. It's a three-track trench that runs from Redondo Junction downtown down to Carson (just North of the accesses to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Before that, there was so much surface traffic that it backed up street traffic in several cities. The BNSF surface route was sold off for light rail as it ran right by the Los Angeles International Airport; the SP (now UP) surface routes are still in use for local customers, but the traffic is much lower so the cities aren't screaming about all the trains.

Alameda Corridor Route

Image of the

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