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Hi guys, just got an MTH PS3 CTA Subway today, item #30-20582-1

It's my first MTH subway, so maybe I am missing something, but I can not get the TAS (Transit Announcement Sounds) to work properly.

I am running the layout with MTH DCS Wi-Fi (Explorer). I have a PS3 AEM-7 running fine and an older PS2 0-8-0 steamer also running fine with no problems. So it is not the DCS system.

The subway runs just fine, but I can not get the TAS working. The instructions for it are different than traditional PFA anouncements, in that they tell you to press and hold the BELL button for two seconds to kick into TAS mode. Then you are supposed to hear a station stop announcement and then by pressing the direction button the subway should stop, make some some sounds and then automatically take back off. No dice, can't get anything going correctly. Tried traditional PFA way and nothing at all.

Interestingly (and through frustration), I disconnected the Explorer and hooked-up a basic transformer (Z Controller).

With a little practice I was able to get things working as stated in the instructions.....So at least I know the thing has the capability to announce stations, etc.

Any help greatly appreciated. I would think it is something minor and I feel a little foolish, but there are no stupid questions, right guys

Thanks guys!


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Just in case anybody sees this and I can possibly help them out; I just got off the phone with MTH. The Wi-Fi Explorer system is not compatible to allow you to access the TAS functions. That would have been lovely to know beforehand, but such is life with electronics 😃.

Back to the drawing board on the layout and it's systems.

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