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Train Nut posted:

I'm positive that's in the works. Wait till the initial run saturated the market. Switch the design. And enjoy the new sales profits for years to come.

Yes... that's the law of "incremental improvements"... getting folks to buy the same basic product over and over again, each time getting just a marginal improvement -- but it's billed as "all new" to give buyers the impression that's the new version is a "must have".

Fish posted:

Well done!  I like it.

Thanks FISH !

The one thing I don't like about the snow-covered roofs on the new set is the footprints. I've only seen it in pictures so maybe the final product is different, but the footprints are too uniform and perfect down the center. Looks like a tire tread track! Should have been more random and not as many in my opinion. Also looks like every car has those Footprints. Should have just been one or two.

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Fish posted:

Agreed.  Described as is.  Being purchased to enjoy with my 5y/o grandson, the perfectness of the foot prints doesn't really matter, I guess.  This new version was as cheap or cheaper than the older ver.  The Bluetooth feature is actually sorta cool & functional though. 

He'll love it im sure.  As will you!  And to a kid, I imagine those Footprints are probably going to be one of the best things about it. Walking the figures up and down the cars etc!  

@RickM46 posted:

TN, can you tell us what product you used for the snow??

It was a product I purchased at a Christmas store years ago. To my recollection it was Department 56 who made it. I believe it said it was retired at the time. I did all the Polar Express cars. And actually bought more off of Amazon I believe, to do a few non-polar cars. I have since looked for it everywhere and can't find it. If anyone knows where to find some, let us know.

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