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Received my Early Lettering 765 over the weekend, finally got to get her out and stretch her legs at a friend's layout as mine is still in the works.

Beautiful locomotive, sounds are excellent. Plenty of add on detail.

Another surprise, this locomotive has whistle steam even though neither the box, catalog nor the website had it listed as a feature.

No mars light, unlike the catalog art and stock photo..but I'm fairly certain this is prototypical, I don't believe I've ever seen an NKP Berk with a swinging R and a Mars light.

So far I have one problem with it, the headlight. It is a simple soup can style with flush number boards. This engine should have swept wing number boards and a visor. It does throw off the NKP Berk look head on. Not sure what MTHs thought process was, and looking into options to correct it. Suggestions welcome!

A few quick pics and a video belowSnapchat-112067328520210630_17145720210630_161430


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Perhaps replacing it with a Lionel NKP 765 headlight would work? I'm sure itd be a delicate operation, although there has to be a way to remove the current headlight without damaging the engine. Putting the new one on should be easy enough, as long as you can get the existing light bulb and wire inside of it. The other option that comes to mind is someone with a 3D printer and the skill to use it. If the parts were designed properly they would be easy enough to glue on and make appear to belong on the headlight.

I have one of these models coming, I actually picked this version because MTH advertised it as havimg no Mars light on the MTH site. If you use the zoom in feature, the up close detail photo depicts a 765 with no mars light. Though I wish it had a correct NKP headlight.

Let me know if you find a solution, its a problem Ill also be tackling here in a few days or weeks.

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