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I prepaid for Spring York before I left so the price increase is not a major issue for me. Since my wife has no interest in attending no big deal but if she decided to go the $2.00 would not be an issue. 


My bet, all this will do is drive people to prepay for Fall while at the show - which will impact revenue they collect from folks like me that in the past was willing to pay the on-site fee. 


Reminder to all - in the Spring - prepay if your at the event.



I am pretty sure Eastern Division is encountering the same level of price increases over time that we all are thereby justifying the admission price increase. While I am not by any means a big spender at York, for me the cost of admission is certainly the smallest expense.  


And worth every penny if only to go and experience the largeness of products, vendors, and members. i have only been able to attend 5 times over the years but I am still overwhelmed when I first walk-in the doors of the larger halls On opening day.


Worth every penny.





I attended the Eastern Division business meeting.....The rental of the York Fairgrounds base price (before extras) goes up 5% a year. This year the Fairground Rental was $80K.


The Eastern Division cannot lose money to put on York....last increase was, I believe, 7 years ago. A reasonable approach, and I concur.

$2 more per member and $2 for your spouse....when we gladly pay $40+ for a should not be a problem for most.....





Chump change.


I applaud the Eastern Division for meeting their fiscal responsibility to ensure that the York meet is able to continue. The increase is insignificant to me; in aggregate an important and necessary means to help the ED make ends meet.


I live about 900 miles from York. Even on the rare occasion when I know I will not be attending, I gladly pay the registration fee, and will continue to do so.


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Since I did not see an option for a child, does this mean I have to pay $14 to bring my son to the train show?  If so, how does that try to encourage expanding the hobby?


The rate table also does not mention that the TCA Eastern Division's York Train meet is a private affair, restricted to members and their guests only. An individual can only attend as a guest once. They do require ID and keep track. To attend again, the individual must join the TCA. Anybody can join, there is no sponsorship requirement.


As Frank wrote children are free. The cut off is 18.

Here is the official information for the show that just concluded.


I certainly don't see a problem with those fees? Seems quite reasonable to me. The way I read it, since it says York meet and not per day, I am guessing it's for all three days? Even with the rate increase, the entry fees seem really cheap to me. Around here it costs about twice that for parking to attend a major league sports event. I won't go into the ticket prices.


Here is what we have for train shows: 5-6 lousy ones per year. The last one I attended a couple years ago was $8-$10 per person, per day, kids were about half price. They could have also gone up since then? The large shows fit in the area about the size of a large high school gym with room to spare (smaller ones maybe half that), larger shows maybe 40-60 tables at most, they all have mostly HO & N with maybe a half dozen or so O gauge tables. A lot of the O gauge stuff for sale looks like parts donors or stuff that should have been discarded years ago, but they want collector prices for their items.

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