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Well you won't see an official announcement here. @cabinet Bob seemed to imply that they are no longer interested in announcing here due to the negativity their products get from some folks who don't understand they are not competing for the high end market.  Can't say I blame them.  While I always think criticism is good when presented respectfully and within the parameters (price point, target audience,etc) of the item being discussed.

While it may seem a lot of people complain about Menards trains, that's because the majority that are happy do not say anything. We are a silent happy bunch. I've bought way too many Menards train items and think I've only posted once or twice - on problems I had. And did post follow-up when the problems were resolved or not. I don't think I've ever posted when I was happy. My bad.

I immediately appreciated the imagination and creativity displayed in their early "period" buildings.  I don't have much of their rolling stock, but that is based on period and , generally, geographic, road names.  I wonder if some of the negativity comes from sellers of competing brands . I miss Mark's postings, as l saw a building  l had not heard of, in a store.  I don't need a guessing game, but l do want to know , yesterday!, what all their offerings are.

I am among the silent Happy Bunch.  Menards experience is good, great service, quick to ship and the quality of items I've purchased are fairly priced.  We all know that the new power wagons are a big hit (I have two) and my box car mix look great.  BTW...I love 'Christine' too, she is surely destined to be an immediate hit...but just a few years too modern for my layout.  

I too have been happy with Menards having at least 30 boxcars and hoppers, 5 buildings and the Santa Fe F3 which my grandkids love! Haven’t had any  problems with the rolling stock, the bridge arrived a little broken but nothing that glue couldn’t fix.
I’ve built a barn, horse shed, chicken coop, and 2 farm sheds, remodeled 2 houses, and purchased all the building materials, roofing, electrical, plumbing etc. all at 11% rebate for the next purchase 😆 And any returned items never had a problem.
I look at the prices in the Lionel or Atlas catalog and go right back to Menards.

Can’t wait till they come out with the production Santa Fe F3, I’ll be all over that!!I hope it is this Christmas!

Thanks, Roger

I have a handful of Menards cars and am quite happy with them. I was a big K-Line fan back in the day and as many here have said they fill that K-line hole that is left and I wish they would somehow be able to acquire the old Williams tooling from Bachmann. If they put out something you don't like don't buy it! If they come out with something and call it something it's not keep it to yourself because none of us really care. I just don't see the need to bash or pick at someone or something because it doesn't suit you, we're train enthusiasts not keyboard warriors here and if that's your stock in trade take it somewhere else. Over the years on the forum I've noticed a creeping ignorance that you used to see mostly on social media rear its head in here on numerous occasions and I actually took a step back for a bit because it was taking the fun out of this for me.

I remember when the Brotherhood Of The Crappy Basement Layout started off there were people who would chime in over the years that "No layout is crappy!" and we shouldn't make fun of someones work like that and they completely missed the point or worse insisted that it would be considered by some as negative. Then there were the great Kitty Litter Ballast Debates where forumites would be accused of "cheaping out" because they used kitty litter and not Joe Schmoes Limited Edition High End accurately sized and colored (for your particular roadname) ballast. The 48 Club was started as a positive push back from a post about unless you had a hulking showroom sized layout then you were just watching your trains go around in circles and it too had a handful of critics.

I can see why Alan et al have the rules in place they do, there used to be a time when it seemed like he was trying to get a bunch of 2 year olds to help him herd cats in here. So lighten up and leave the bashing at the door and Menards please see your way to come back and post your offerings, for awhile I for one thought you had stopped the train business .


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