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Since I pulled these out and took inventory, I realized or remembered that I am missing a few parts.  I know this is a shot in the dark but if anyone has a roof, belly pan, and a handful of vestibule halves with the slot, I'd be real interested.  Condition is not that important since these will be restorations. below are some pictures of the parts that I need a few more of.  Meanwhile, I'll keep my eye out for some junkers on that auction site.  Thank you for your time and remember, don't crush em, restore em!



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Dave, I think it depends on which one, they made so many different models or sizes of passenger sets. At $2 you can hardly go wrong although shipping may change that thought. Any way, I see roofs for the smaller cars often, but its one of those things where you have to spend a lot of time searching the auctions, and recognize what you need which isn't always easy.  If you can tell me the number or shoot a picture my way, I can look it up in the Schuweiler book so you know which roof to look for.  I've often thought about just putting prewar Lionel trucks on some of those cars as well.  probably would not look to bad on a string of cars.

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