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I am constructing ten of the trailers the Freedom Train would set up at various locations. I am constructing the trailers using .040" styrene sheet and decals that were provided by the customer. The decals are based on all the trailers being the same length. I will be building the trailers to the actual lengths that were provided by the customer. I will end up cutting the decals to suit the shortened lengths. Here are some pictures of the project start and completion of the first trailer. The pictures were taken right after I placed the decals so you will see some water spots.20230910_08363420230910_09005420230910_10103420230910_10181320230910_10495220230910_11291220230910_11483620230910_11502120230910_11555020230912_18020120230912_18020820230912_180228


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  • 20230910_090054
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  • 20230910_112912
  • 20230910_114836
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I had thought of doing something similar until I met my future nephew-in-law about a year ago.   He is into 3D printing.  So along with him and much help/info from Todd Schannuth(the owner of the American Freedom Train website),  I went another direction with my wagons.   So after a year of delays between my health issues and my nephew's work,  getting married/building a house himself,  I finally finished my wagons/forklift a couple of weeks ago.   Here are some photos.   All the wagons are correct length and there was sanding/finish work done before the painting and decals were applied.   I also resized the decals to fit correctly before I printed them.   Still need to add the clear roof vents to the cotton candy wagon.

DSC01417 [2)DSC01418 [2)DSC01419 [2)DSC01420 [2)DSC01421 [2)DSC01422 [2)DSC01423 [2)


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I think what you did is fantastic. I hope I can get close to this with my techniques. Soon I may be out of crafting things for the train hobby based on what 3D printing can do.


Thanks for the compliment,  but your skill and craftsmanship won't be replaced by 3D printing anytime soon.   I've seen your projects and I'm envious.   A lot of your work is location or time oriented with specific details for that particular project and many  times 3D printing wouldn't be practical.

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