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I am starting a new project to construct a petroleum barge. It will be based on the barges used on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. It will be 30 inches long and 10 inches wide. I am using styrene sheets between .020 and .040 inches thick.20201028_17542820201028_191412


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Thank you for the nice comments.


You can see the sketch I used at the start of this thread. I also look at pictures of real barges. I found that river barges usually only have about a 12 foot draft. I will make additional sketches as I work on the model. In this case, I sketched out the sheet placement and how I would join corners. I also sketched the piping and walkway. I keep styrene and abs sheets in stock and order in a lot of the other parts.


Great job on the barge.  BTW is there a reason why you built it full depth? Are you putting it on your layout or is this a mantle shelf model.

FWIW there is a barge repair yard about 20 miles from my house on the Sanitary and Ship Canal in Lemont Illinois.  Often there are a number of barges out of the water on rails in various states of repair. Also a river tow boat is up on the rails.

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