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This may be a first for me. I get to rebuild a steel mill I constructed in 2009. Here are some pictures of the mill on my table. The columns for the blast furnace are missing and will have to be replaced. Handrails, piping and lights are damaged and there is a lot of dust. 20220124_17025720220124_17030620220124_17031520220124_17530420220124_175257


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My neighbor gave me some makeup brushes and along with some long handled stiff paint brushes I am able to get the dust off without doing any damage.

The touch up painting will be pretty easy because most of the structure is various colored primers, some orange for rust, black and silver.

The lights are the hardest thing to deal with. If one is shorted out it takes out a whole circuit.


I think this model was probably dropped and also jammed inside a car. If some water got under the iron I would only have repairs to the blast furnace.

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