I am starting a project to construct a stone bridge based on the Thomas Viaduct in Maryland. The bridge will be five feet long 12 inches wide and 13 inches high. It will be straight, unlike the Thomas Viaduct which is curved. I will construct the bridge using abs beams and square tubes to act as the main structure. Styrene sheets capped with plastruct PS 85 g scale dressed stone. The bridge will be constructed in two halves for shipping. Here are a couple of pictures showing some of the materials.20190617_19175820190617_191805


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Alan. Can I ask a question. I know your busy but I have to ask.

Did you glue two lengths of flat one smaller than the other on two pieces  to get that lip so the the other sides would fit neatly ?

Thanks in advance your a very clever modeller.  Roo.

Here is a picture of the first pier with the dressed stone material on it. I have a splice on each side and am thinking how I will deal with them.


I am glad I could help. Plastruct has an amazing amount of materials and I still find new things to use in the catalog.


I have no stock in plastruct or evergreen but I do have a lot of their product.20190701_184902


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