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I am constructing a model of a house for a customer. He along with at least three generations lived there. Hete is a picture along with some of my progress. I am using Evergreen siding and Grandt Line windows that I have in stock. 20200919_09465220200919_09471220200919_09471720200919_094723


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I used the screen door insert that was part og the original door and removed the bottom two vertical bars that existed. I reinstalled one in the middle. I found some HO parts from some old kits I had. The horizontal piece with the x patterns was a structural beam. The two circles were spoked wheels that I added styrene strips to create crosses to attach them to the door. I added Grandt Line porch trim pieces to the top corners. I then took two pieces of fiberglass screen material and overlapped them to create smaller squares. This matched the actual screen door pretty closely.

There is always a hundred different ways you can make these small details. I will forget what I did here and reinvent the wheel again on the next model.

You guys made the last one percent count.

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