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Hi all, Yesterday I made two interesting purchases, the first was a big Hudson #783 but the tender that came has a wire hook up that is wrong...or the engine is wrong.  Next is a cool 263E with a tank tender, two baggage cars (one beat up), two passenger cars and an observation car.  All are light blue with dark roofing.  The engine and tender are pretty good, but aged somewhat, and the cars are decent but all are scratched or show signs of rust.  My Greenberg guide says that the engine should be two-tone blue, but it is blue over black frame.  Just wondering what I bought.  At any rate, all Blue are keepers.  The engine runs quietly, tends to like reverse 70% of the time.  The big Hudson is too big, may have to go.

Not a bad day yesterday shopping wise.


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  • 20210608_141525 (003): Reissue? Or original?
  • 20210608_141518 (004): Pretty good and will clean up nicely
  • 20210608_141559: Needs a bit of TLC
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