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After waiting years for these I have to admit they were worth the wait. The new roof design and finish of the car look great. But the couplers really stink.  All of the mechanical couplers were popping open.  Had to zip toe every one

DesignationOriginal NumbersEnd StyleA/C as built?Current NumbersManufacturerYears
R-404150-4249SlantFansSameSt. Louis Car1967-69
R-40A4250-4349Straight (Modified)Air Cond4450-4549St. Louis Car1967-69
R-404350-4449SlantFans4250-4349St. Louis Car1968-69
R-40A4450-4549SlantAir Cond4350-4449St. Louis Car




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  • B44DFD54-6C62-45E0-BED8-6EC115A11FCD
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Oh boy, think you need some subway books.   New York City Transit Authority found great dangers, along with other hazards and flaws, with the slanted end design having the lack of handholds for riders walking between cars raising concerns of passengers falling onto the tracks. The doors between cars were locked to prevent accidents as a temporary solution. These were the earlier models prior to the 1968 GOH modification program. I like the gated models with lighted upper Local and switchable Express signs, vents and center blue stripe. Some of those features were removed later on.

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There were a few different looks of the R40  The original slant version was designed by Raymond Loewy   The same Loewy that designed the looks of the GG1   A real good explanation of the R40 can be found here

One of the big changes that Steve mentioned was the GOH which stands for general overhaul   Big addition in GOH is that air conditioning was added which changed the design of the roof.  This is the big difference in the MTH models   The original was pre GOH and the roof had these vents on it that tended to warp and look like waves   The later addition MTH is a post GOH and does away with the stupid vents on the roof

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