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Just wanted to announce a new release from Scale City Designs! This Ingot Mold Car model was designed by Tom Yorke and is a true must have model for your mill scene. Tom outdid  himself on this model and it's a easy to assemble resin kit. We literally just finished building the first one, seriously the "rust" is still wet! We will be making our first runs of these early next week and should be shipping them towards the end of the week. The cars will accept most axles like intermountain 2 rail/most 3 rail axles (with minor tweaks) and kadee couplers which are not included. The cars will be just $20/each. I will get it added to the website this weekend and provide a link. Until then let me know how many you would like to reserve.

Just to clarify this will be a resin kit for you to assemble and paint, will not include wheels, couplers, or ingot molds.

** We will also be releasing a smaller ingot mold and ingot that Tom Yorke designed as well. The car will fit 2 of those molds. Stay tuned!



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Already have 20 of them.

How about a Skip bucket for the Blast furnace Skip and a Electric furnace charging ladle and the hooks to go with them.

Also a self propelled transfer car kit for the high line using an old atlas switcher or something current. OK, I'll build that myself.

Nice to have a "Pollock" ladle so you can convert Lionel and MTH slag cars to pig machine cars.

Even large ventilators for the Pouring Floor building or the Blower House and also the Rolling mill having trouble finding something thought of turning them up out of round Aluminium stock but can't find anything big enough Diam in this wilderness I live in.

I'm building the Blast furnace with all the detailed drawings to go with it so anyone, anywhere can build an O scale Blast furnace.

Cranes I can handle as well I had to buy some NZF grabs from Germany though.

Do I have to build everything!!!!??? So help me.

And thanks for the "19" medium Ingot moulds would have ordered 20 but that Auction thing only allowed me 19 must have been what you had in stock at the time.

Roo. (I'm smiling for the first time today because building a Steel mill is soooo easy ) Thanks Marty.

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