Hi guys! Sorry for the long absence, been super busy getting ready for another season. We have had a request to put together a replacement controller for Lionel style switches for example the O22 switches.


What we have come up is pretty interesting and would appreciate any and all comments. So here it is.

Originally we were just going to make a simple 2 switch control with led's. Then somebody mentioned they needed something to handle spurs where he wanted to store extra trains and or engines. Hmmmmmm. So wala here you have it. This will take a little explaining so please be patient. This switch has the capability of doing the typical switching like the Lionel lever flip controls. All the switches light up with rear mounted LEDs to indicate the direction the switch is facing. (Red Curve, Green straight). In addition there are 2 additional programmable switches which can be used for a wide variety of functions. Ist is a power control for spurs. How it works is you pull or back your train onto a siding that is connected to a switch. The siding has an insulator in the center rail. The power to the center rail is controlled by either the yellow or blue switch which are toggle switches ( push it once and it stays on, push it again and it shuts off),and the led behind the yellow or blue switch lights up when activated. to power up the spur track you push either the blue or yellow depending on where you wired it. Once the train is parked cut the power to the spur by push the button again and the power is killed to the spur track. Pretty cool huh? The switch can be used for a variety of uses, like turning on accessories, lights etc. I was original hoping we could sell these a lot cheaper, but they are very labor intensive. Like all our controls, they come with the advanced bootstraps with power taps, 8' of cable to the switch,  and or whatever you want to use the extra power switches. There is also a 3' cable which needs to be wired to the transformer. We will also provide spade terminals for the wires. Of course full instructions and control options come with the switches, and we will have backup copies on our web site.


Anyway, here it is please let me know what you think.


Thanks for looking and remember:


You don't grow old from playing with trains, you grow old when you stop playing with trains.



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If I read the description correctly, I'd say the word programmable doesn't seem to apply.


The description of using the Blue or Yellow switches seems to be a standard lighted SPST toggle switch.


Since you had a customer ask for this type of unit, it may be good for some people, but I don't suspect those more familiar with doing their own wiring would be too interested in it.



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