New S gauge HEP (Head End Power) Car Proposed

The TTOS has proposed a new HEP car (in S and O scale) modeling the Nevada Southern Railway car. Here's the prototype:

As usual I'm late to the party and did not order a car. The prototype car is kinda neat in that it has two door types on the side along with air intake screens and exhaust stacks on the roof.

The artwork for the AF car shows what might be decals to represent the air screens and no exhaust stacks:

I know it's just a proposed rendering of the finished car but the idea of such a car is an addition to an S scale line up of cars. While it's doubtful Lionel would actually insert screens in the side of the car and add stacks to the roof neither would be asking for a lot of change to a plain Jane boxcar. What I would prefer is a reuse of the old steel sided reefer body shell:

It's a cheap product, the doors don't operate, the goofy door latch is gone and would be a good candidate to alter the molds in such a way to add some screens to the sides and stacks to the roof. Add a green (or red) small LED (or 2) inside one of the screens to show that the "power" is working and you'd have a completely new car. The LED could actually be powered by an onboard 9V battery with an off/on switch to save the cost of powered trucks.

I'd buy one. Anyone else?



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I am a member of the TTOS, and did not order one. That car would be captive to the Nevada Northern, which I do not model. I run both scale and Flyer, and buy new Flyer equipment, with an eye to emulating the prototype. So I would have no need for one. Shame, TTOS brought out some real nice cars you could use in any train, but as of late brought out a few fantasy cars to co-ordinate with their convention locations. I have to remember the TT in their name stands for Toy Trains. So it's my problem, not theirs.

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