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@gunny posted:

Any one see much S gauge at York?

Lionel displayed a pilot model of the upcoming Legacy Pacific. Looked great. In response to my question, Ryan stated that the headlight for the B&O version will be mounted atop the smoke box door rather than in the center as shown in the catalog.

There was a fairly generous quantity of Gilbert and Lionel Flyer was available for sale. Random inquiries of the more 'serious' dealers in Flyer responded that they did pretty well at York. There was very little American Models, SHS/MTH, or Lionel Legacy AF motive power visible for sale. There was a (relatively) fair amount of nice prewar AFMCo. (Chicago) trains to be had. York is, after all, a TCA event.

The weather was gorgeous and it was great to attend a York once again. By feel, attendance was less than for recent previous meets.


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Bob, we can hope that Lionel has them ready by the end of Q1-2022. As far as the ports of LA&LB, they will not be back to what used to be normal until at least Q2-2022. The latest estimate is despite actions promised or taken so far the que of ships at anchor or idling outside the harbor area will hit 140 by the end of this week. Good thing I have a number of the older TMCC versions to run while I wait.

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