I have wanted to have a 'scope with me a few times when I was away from the shop, so when I spotted this little guy, I finally pulled the trigger.  It's a 40mhz one-channel digital 'scope and a complete multimeter in one package.  I got it at Banggood, it's the MUSTOOL MDS8207 Intelligent Digital Storage Scopemeter 2 in 1.

I tinkered with it a bit on the bench,the 'scope function is pretty complete.  Obviously, not competition for a good bench unit, but quite sufficient for most field purposes.  This is one unit that you'll actually want to hang onto the manual.  It's not totally intuitive how the functions work, but after a little tinkering, I started to get the idea.

My only disappointment was they screwed up the transistor test function, apparently the connector under the front is misaligned because the leads don't hit anything when you put them in, and of course you don't get any reading either.  I rarely have occasion to use that feature, so it's only a minor setback.


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cjack posted:

Nice scope. I bought one of those JYE Tech kits DSO 068 which has a very limited bandwidth compared to yours. Nice. I like yours.

I actually have one of those, but it was too limited. I specifically wanted something that would handle the 3.27mhz DCS signal and the 455khz TMCC signal.  Of course, the DSO 068 only cost me around $25 with the case, and I was somewhat curious as to how well it would work.

Dave Zucal posted:

Thanks GRJ. Ordered one and found a coupon code (BG25807) that knocked it down to 74.99.

Yep, I did the same discount.  I looked at prior products like this, but the limited bandwidth always turned me off.  40mhz covers almost anything I need to do, and I don't expect any of these products to deal with gigahertz signals anyway.

harmonyards posted:

John, change your name to Paladin, and you can have your own tv series now......”have scope will travel” .............Pat

I'm a quick draw as well.

You can store up to 50 screen shots, but you can't extract them, so you have to display them and take a picture.  Not terrible, but not as convenient as being able to capture it directly to a FLASH drive.

Nice handy size scope John, and enough functionality for most stuff as you said. Looks like the display is nice and detaailed. May have to jump in and order one to replace my tired old bench job. That would free up some bench space too, which I could then plug up with yet more unfinished projects! 😄 It just keeps getting better........


We are never too old to learn something stupid....

Everything I have purchased from BANGGOOD has arrived defective somehow. They even own me ~$250 for two bad laptops in a row. No more BANGGOOD shopping for me, no matter how good the bargains might seem.

Let everyone beware of this company.


Well, the string is intact.  Even though it won't affect me much, there is a defect with the 'scope.  The transistor test sockets seem to be AWAL, no pins under the holes.  I don't use them anyway, but it would have been nice if they were there.

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