Hey guys I need some help. New sd 40-2 rear markers and head lamps don't work. The number boards are light.  Any thoughts?

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I have the Legacy version, 6-82285.

Press and hold AUX2, this will bring up the additional lighting control menu.  You can turn on/off Mars light, class lights, ground lights, etc. depending on the way your locomotive is equipped.  If you have Lionel’s Wi-Fi and LCS program, you can configure your CAB2 buttons to light functions you might use.

On my version, the class lights are red and used only a rear markers.  They turn on and off depending on the direction of the locomotive.

Aside from John's obvious question, I have two more:

  • when you say you got no results are you talking about the headlights or the class lights?
  • what is the model number of the locomotive, so we can be sure that we are talking about the right thing.

Well, I suspect it'll have to be cracked open if that is the case.  It kinda' sounds like this plug is not seated.  One question, is the cab light working?  That's on the same connector.


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I'm at a loss what exactly is wrong.  If all the headlights and markers are out, that sure points to either light settings or that connector.  I wonder how those signals are carried up to the shell, maybe there's some spring contacts that are screwed up?

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