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Good evening all.

There is a project I am working on and for part of this I purchased a Plasticville Kit (Toll Booth) having never before ventured into this territory. There were no instructions in the box. My questions are:

1. Are these assembled with basic testors glue / elmers / ? , are some parts snap together?

2. Is the plastic easily receptive to painting

3. Any other tips / hints on these kits I should be aware of before I start my customization project?

Thank you.


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Many folks do not glue. paint, or otherwise modify their Plasticville kits, as this will reduce/ruin any future collector value. If this is a concern, just snap them together. Now, if you do not care about resale value you are free to glue/paint/modify as desired.

Yes, testors glue will glue Plasticville kits together. I suppose Elmers-type glue would also work, but take longer to set up, and might not make a "permanent" joint.

Yes, you can easily paint the kits as desired. However, test a small spot of the back of a wall section. Some solvent paints may "eat" the plastic. I have always used non-solvent paints with no problem. Many of their surfaces are very slick, even after washing with a dish liquid solution. This may make it hard to cover in one coat. Spraying with an airbrush has always been my choice, but brush painting will work, with care.


Paul, I just put one on my layout.  Since it's not a permanent addition I used rubber cement to hold the booths to the bases and the roof.  The booths snap fit pretty tightly so I didn't glue them.  I've got the instructions here somewhere if you need them.  As for painting I would wash the parts, dry and then spray paint rather than try to brush paint.

I happen to have the toll booth kit - why my parents chose to give that one to me back in the early 1960s is a mystery that shall never be solved.  Relative to other Plasticville items, the toll booth is rather flimsy, has a lot of small pieces, and is difficult to keep assembled. 

If you're not concerned about resale, I suggest gluing it together - test the glue on a hidden area, and use it sparingly.  Also suggest placing it in a location where you won't need to reach over or around it.

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