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Hello all,

I am just now getting back into the hobby. I have an old union pacific express set (6-11736) that i have had since the early 90's.

I just picked up a cw80, some fast track and a lionel lionmaster tmcc NS sd80mac (6-28204). I am wondering if tmcc is the only way to run this unit in addition to a standard AC transformer? Or if there are newer technologies (legacy control system, bluetooth interfaces, etc) that i can use also.

Looking forward to being part of the forum and getting back into the hobby!

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Thanks for the reply! Yep both my grandad and dad still have their childhood lionel sets. My dad's set has a general mills logo on the box and the build quality is very poor. Guessing this was from a low point in the quality of locomotives and rolling stock.

Excuse my ignorance but what is the CAB3 base?

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No ignorance, it's just a new product haha so you wouldn't be in the know unless you saw the catalog. The TMCC system used the CAB1 remote. The Legacy system uses a CAB2 remote (discontinued) and a CAB1L remote. A few days ago, Lionel official announced that the newest version of remote control would be the CAB3 base. It will combines all the remotes above, plus a few other Lionel remotes, and your smart phone/tablet.

Welcome to the forum Shaun!

Yes, your Lionmaster SD80Mac can either run in command mode or conventional with an 8-18V AC transformer.

Lionel does a very good job about backwards compatibility of their command systems so you will be able to run it with the original tmcc, Legacy system, or the new CAB3 base. I personally would wait for the CAB3 since you will be able to control all of your future engines and utilize all of their features which are not always available when using an older system. Example: not being able to quill a legacy engine's horn/whistle with the traditional TMCC or Cab-1L systems


I am finding out that my newer locomotive may need to be reprogrammed. I plan to see if a train shop can do it or try to find someone local.

I plan to try to get the base3 system at some point. I suppose functionality like being able to reprogram my tmcc lionmaster engine should be available with this newer base 3 system using the cab 3 software?

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