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A Weaver, brass, PRR, 4-6-0 weathered by my friend, Harry Hieki of Mt. Ephriam, NJ.


Randy, I hate to rain on your parade, but in the 1920's (when tender striping was on the passenger locomotives), that PRR 4-6-0 would have been almost immaculately clean, with bell and side rods regularly polished.  There certainly would have been zero rust.

WOW! I am on time starting this week's edition of Weathering Wednesday two weeks in a row! I don't have any new weathering projects to show you this week. But our new spray booth is now a reality. We have done a video showing off the new booth and its many features starring me. The video was taken by my friend and Sunday morning helper, Ms. Zora Maya Keith. Also, we invite you to share your weathered items with the forum as well as weathering techniques so that all can benefit from your expertise and experience.

But first, the forum ground rules as so adroitly stated by my good friend Patrick Whitehead (aka trumptrain), host of the popular topic of this type, Switcher Saturday:

  • Have fun and enjoy!
  • Post only photos that you have taken.  
  • If you post a photo taken by someone else or a copyrighted photo be sure you have express written permission from the photo's owner to post their photo.  
  • Any individual who posts copy written material is subject to legal liability.  Furthermore that individual will be banned from the OGR Forum.  
  • Please consult the OGR Forum TOS (Terms of Service) for further information regarding copyrights.

Below is a link to the video of our new spray booth. It was totally unrehearsed. So please cut me some slack if I more than occasionally sound like Daffy Duck.

New Spray Booth (

Now, let us see what you have been weathering.

I'm running behind schedule today!  Randy your paint booth is terrific!!!  Thanks for sharing   Here's my contribution for this fine Weathering Wednesday!  

I've shown my B&O Docksider many times on various OGR Forum threads.   This time I'm showing it in several different photos ( top 8 photos ) with each photo showing the Docksider in a different natural light.  These photos were taken in my train room as the light shown through the windows at various times in one afternoon.  The different lightings give the locomotive a different look in each photo IMHO.  

Photos 9 plus show a gondola and work caboose, both of which I weathered.  I wanted this entire little train to have a " well worn trio look that tells the story of a short train that has been earning  its' keep on the railroad for many decades".   Again I employed my usual technique of applying Testors Dullcoat to take down the sheen, pastel chalks,  and Floquil Flat Grimmey Black spray paint.  I rubbed chalks in circular motion with my fingers and used a small paint brush to rub the pastel chalk into hard to get at areas.  Lastly I sealed the rubbed in pastel chalk and Grimmey Flat Black spray paint with a final coat of Dullcote.  IMG_1923IMG_1926IMG_1927IMG_1960IMG_1962IMG_1961IMG_1963IMG_1965

A weathered gondola with a junk load that I created from just picking up stuff out of a junk pile I happened to create on my layout.   As I worked on my layout I would throw excess scrap pieces of track, railroad ties, metal fencing, couplers, wheel sets, etc into a pile without intending to create a junk pile.  One day I looked at the pile and thought "wow that looks like a junk pile I've seen in industrial areas alongside railroad tracks." At that moment I decided to keep the pile as a "scenic" part of my layout. IMG_1721IMG_1728

The " well worn trio" IMG_1729


Images (12)
  • IMG_1721
  • IMG_1723
  • IMG_1728
  • IMG_1729
  • IMG_1923
  • IMG_1926
  • IMG_1927
  • IMG_1960
  • IMG_1962
  • IMG_1961
  • IMG_1963
  • IMG_1965
@Bill Park posted:

Hi Randy, Nice job on the spray booth. I now have an idea what I need to do to make one. While visiting my friend Rick Tota, I took some pictures of his weathering projects. His friends call him Rusty. It's easy to see why.RR1RR@RR#RR$

Wow Bill!  These locomotives are the most decrepit ( in a good way ) looking power I've ever seen.  Their roads have squeezed every last once of goodness out of these puppies.  Your buddy did a terrific job with these jewels!!!

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