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Hi folks

We recently moved and built a garage/workshop, which has produced a nice sized 29 x 24‘ train room. Originally my plan was to build a high rail layout utilizing this space. In pondering my collection of trains, I realize that although I love running high rail trains with command control, I also enjoy post war and standard gauge trains and I have a decent amount of all three types. I’ve seen some people put their standard gauge or post war layouts either on the lower level or perhaps hanging from the ceiling above the high rail layout.

I’m pondering what will be the best decision for me in the long run.  Perhaps having 3 separate layouts makes the most sense? I could create a basic standard gauge layout, postwar dealer style layout with operating accessories and then a bigger hi-rail layout in the remaining space.

Any thoughts , ideas and pictures of what you’ve done or seen are appreciated as I’m still in the early stages of planning.





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Lionel makes Legacy Powermasters that would allow you to run all the PW O-Gauge, Std. Gauge, and any other conventional trains with TMCC/Legacy. MTH has 2 variable outputs on their DCS TIU, which would allow you to run conventional locomotives with DCS. Of course, the Std. Gauge trains would need their own separate layout. The multi-level Std. Gauge and O-Gauge layout, like NJCJOE's layout, is a good idea.

I am currently working on a new O-Gauge layout in a detached shed in my backyard. The layout measures 11' 4" X 15' 4.5." I plan to run both command-controlled locomotives (using Legacy and Lionel's new Base 3; possibly DCS in the future) and conventional locomotives (one of which I have, and I run it occasionally).

You've got lots of space, so make the most of it. Looking forward to future updates on your layout.

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