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Well, it's finally happening!  We just signed up for the long awaited move.  We are downsizing from our existing place to a condo.  The good part is, I get my long awaited train room, and it's empty and ready to build!  It has storage a nice large room for the layout, and even a powder room.  Being a daylight basement, it has an outside entrance and even a window.  In the back there's an unfinished room that I'll do my woodworking in.

The seas have parted at last!

New Train Room N1New Train Room N2



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  • New Train Room N1
  • New Train Room N2
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Congratulations John! I was wondering when you would move as you have mentioned it to me when I visited to drop off my coaches for an LED upgrade. I just have to remember to get your new location when I Drop off some repair work after York. I hope it isn't too far from your previous home. Love the room for your layout!   Good Luck to you and your wife!      regards, Fred in New Hope, PA


Thanks all!  

I'm actually only moving about three miles, and we are planning on an overlap of around 3-4 months so we can make the move incrementally and also tidy up this house for sale.  Anyone need a really large house in SE-PA on two wooded acres?

I've been looking around in my shop area and realizing what a huge chunk of work I've carved out for myself!   It's staggering to think of all the stuff I've accumulated over all these years!

I will finally get to use the Mianne benchwork that I picked up several years ago, though I suspect I'll need to add to it once I have a final plan.  I'll get in next month and do detailed measurements to figure out exactly what I can fit in and still have good access to everything.  The room behind the columns is where my workbench and computer will go.  I figure the tiled area next to the door will be a small social area.  I'll have a TV on the wall that I can link to the train cameras, that will be fun.

The adventure is just beginning.

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