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New TrainWorld Virtual Live Event! The Lionel Trains Holiday Bonanza!

Join Ken Jr. As He Is Joined With Lionel’s Very Own Ryan Kunkle As They Discuss The New Arrivals & Shipping Updates For The Remainder Of 2021!

Lionel Will Be Featuring The BRAND NEW Lionel VisionLine Class A Locomotive!
This Event Will Be LIVE On Both Facebook (TrainWorldLLC) & YouTube (TrainWorldTV) On Monday December 6th At 7:00PM EST!
You Don’t Wanna Miss This Amazing Event! Enjoy! #RideWithTrainWorld
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@KenJrTW, think you could ask about the Strasburg #90 and see what fun things are going on with it? Dave said something about it the other day about a few changes in the computer model as well as them going out to Strasburg to record some live sounds.

It would be great to hear just a little bit of it if Ryan has the time. I do hope that there are other goodies discussed, but more about #90 would be great.

Hey Dave,

I sent Ryan your question so tune in tonight! He has samples of the coach and combines as well.  Here is a list of just some of the samples he will be displaying tonight.

  1. Christmas Trolley
  2. Angela Trotta Thomas caboose
  3. Christmas tree flatcar (just shipped)
  4. Christmas light express set (just shipped)
  5. HO Christmas set
  6. Polar Express presents chute and car
  7. Angela Trotta Thomas storefront building
  8. Christmas flagpole
  9. Christmas barn
  10. Polar Express Acela
  11. Light up track
  12. Vision A
  13. Strasburg coach and combine
  14. John Bull engineering prototype (just showed up today – kinda excited about it.)

Make Sure you tune in!

I noticed in the video one concern that I have with the new Class A model. That is that the turret has a cover over it. Class A's did not have this cover in their service life. This was something that was put on only 1218 for a short time when she was in excursion service.
I wonder how I can contact Ryan about this before it is too late?

@Dave Olson

Hey Dave, see what Big Jim has stated above. Also, sent you and Ryan his reply link to you so you can also see it that way if you don't see the "at" here.

@Big Jim

Hey Jim, I took the liberty of emailing Ryan and Dave your reply link directly to them briefly explaining your concern. Hopefully they respond here or back to me(the first I prefer). See what they say.

@Big Jim posted:

Yes Dave, that is the thing.

I was looking up the TMCC version and that looks like it doesn't have that. Of course being on my phone I kind of can't see it clearly. However, the photos of the real 1218 look like it doesn't have it there, those pictures that I could see that ranged in time from way back when to recent days. So, as you have said, was only on for a bit.

Well, I didn't get any responses as yet today. Hopefully things change and we get some confirmation on if 1218 is only going to have that cover. I would imagine that most of the images of the other engines that will be offered, that is real pictures, that they don't have the cover on them.

I know that the cover wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but accurate models is the name of the game, or pretty darn close. If the cover was only in place for maybe at least a year, I really wouldn't pop it on the model(unless it was specially being modeled for that time period).

I won't be getting the 1218 model specially for the shine on it, but have yet to decide which version I'd be getting especially since we don't have any other catalog pictures(as yet). See what comes I suppose(hopefully without the cover).

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