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Received the long awaited UP Rotary Bathtub Gondola 4 car set.  Order these 4 years ago.  Initially cataloged in the 2016 v2 catalog, they were re-cataloged in the 2020 v1 catalog.  Made in Vietnam.  The 2016 catalog indicated that they would be new numbers which is correct and that the paint schemes would match previous runs.  A paint match really wasn't a possibility for the UP set since the 2015  2 car set had the rotary ends painted Canary Yellow that did not match the cars cataloged in 2003/2004/2009.  As the pictures show, the yellow on the new run is pretty close in color to the cars that were produced in 2003/04/09.  The silver body color is not quite as shiny as the 2003/2004/2009 cars, but definitely better than the 2015 cars.  

The only thing I was surprised by is that despite what the box label says, the non-rotary coupler is a dummy coupler instead of an operating coupler.  All previous releases of this car had an operating coupler on the non-rotary end.  The 2016 catalog indicated that the coupler would be operating, but the description in the 2020 catalog does not mention an operating coupler.


Images (3)
  • DSC_5058-6: new run on left, 2015 run on right
  • DSC_5059-6: new run on left, 2009 run on right
  • DSC_5066-6
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The new run of cars must have been made from a different mold than the previous runs.  When I mixed the 4 new cars in with the 10 others I have from earlier runs I noticed that the gap between the bottom of the tubs and the top of the rails looked larger with the new cars.  When I measured the cars I found that the tubs on the new cars are about 0.1" smaller in height than all the other runs.  That produces a 0.1" greater gap between the bottom of the tub and the top of the rail.  

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