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Hey guys. After a 3-month recess, I am back.

This video highlights my Lionel Chessie GP30 hauling a short freight train.

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Here is a link to my YouTube channel to watch additional O Gauge videos:

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@B rad posted:

Great video @3rail. Love the Chessie GP30s. I regret not getting one from the latest run with Bluetooth. Looked for one a couple times with no luck. Thank you for sharing and welcome back!


Hey Brad. Yes, they seem to disappear pretty quickly once they were issued. I was able to purchase mine from a friend who decided he wanted to go a different route with his railroad. I am glad I made the purchase. I always loved that paint scheme. Keep looking!


@jrose609 posted:

Finally!   "Friday coffee with Donald!"   Missed your videos.  Great job with the scenery.  The GP30 is just the coolest diesel, and I love that paint scheme.

Glad you are back!

Hey Jason. You made me smile! I like the "Friday coffee with Donald" should copyright that phrase.  I agree, the Geeps are cool and that Chessie paint scheme is one of my favorites. Have a good day!


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