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Hey guys. Getting back in the groove with new videos.

This video highlights my Lionel Union Pacific DD35A #76 & EMD SD45 "Demonstrator" #4352 hauling a solid load of "Piggybacks" on Atlas "Frontrunners" and 89' Flatcars.

It is the early 80's, so I am still running a caboose. Union Pacific stopped using cabooses in the 80's.

The term "Pigs" in rail transport, is the practice of carrying trailers or semi-trailers in a train atop a flatcar. This is referred to as "piggybacking". "Frontrunners" were a 2-wheel type of flatcar designed specially to haul trailers, up to 48' long. They did have problems. They developed a pretty bad reputation for their abilities to spontaneously derail. They were also extremely lightweight when empty and any slack action could cause them to jump right off the track. In the early 2000's they were accumulated and stored in Iowa, in large numbers. About 2002/2003 they were moved down to the St. Louis area and ultimately scrapped.

All of my Frontrunners and flatcars are diecast and were manufactured by Atlas 20 years ago.

I hope you enjoy the video. If so, please leave a "like" and / or a comment. Also, please consider subscribing to my Channel to receive up to date notifications of all my new videos. Thanks!

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