Since I had all the coal cars out for 765 I figured I might as well give my MTH Premier Line model of Norfolk & Western 611 a chance to haul some coal. The Class J Northerns may have been passenger locomotives but it was not uncommon near the end of steam to see them hauling freights and helping the last Y’s and A’s on coal runs.


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Very nice video, Adam!  I'm with you on having the 611 pull a coal train occasionally.  The large mirror makes a nice effect.  I didn't realize it was there at first, and it looked like steam was coming out of the far side of the 611.  Then I realized it was a mirror image.  Thanks!

Adam, I agree - great job on the video.  I like how you have various art works and tin signs displayed on the walls.  I have that same model of the 611, and it's one of my favorites.



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Hi Adam / I try to watch all your YT Videos and this one is well done, just like all of them.  Steam power is one of my favorite topics. The 611 is a fine example of steam power and MTH did an excellent job with this loco. Looks and sounds great on your layout. In a first class train room.

Cheers from Train Room Gary Pan 2 View


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Thanks for all the comments now on to answering questions!

1. This is the Premier Line model of 611 which was in MTH 2015 Volumes 1 and 2.

2. People don't always notice the mirror at first but when they do they are amazed!

3. I agree OGR needs to make some new layout videos featuring GoPro rides! If you need any help with that project OGR I think you know where to find me. I do have a degree in video production after all!

I'll be producing one more video this week featuring my MTH Premier Line 20th Century Limited. Then I have to tear down the lower level track as I have to use it for the Amherst Train Wreck 10th Anniversary Memorial Event on Tuesday. Once that's over with I will put it all back and work on getting the rest of the track needed for the lower level.

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