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Hey guys. It has been a while since my last post. Other obligations and some health issues have occupied my free time the last few months.

Here is a brand-new video for you all to enjoy. Double Stacks are one of my favorite trains to model. NS and UP power pulling a mix of MTH, Lionel and a few Atlas well cars. (2) Atlas GP7's are pulling a mix freight on the high line.

I hope you enjoy the video. If so, please leave a "like" and / or a comment. Also, please consider subscribing to my Channel to receive up to date notifications of all my new videos. It is free to subscribe and helps to grow my channel and bring you more great O Gauge videos. Thanks!

Here is a link to my YouTube channel:


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Thanks Jason and Brad. I always appreciate your support and comments.

Yes, I am back and working on my next video. I learned one thing as I got older. Never take anything for granted. One day you are fine, next morning you feel 20 years older and it takes a long time to recover.

I had a very enjoyable week at the TCA National Convention and received a lot of national attention with my videos and magazine articles. That helped to motivate me in the right direction.


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