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This is my first video for 2023. I hope you enjoy it.

The video highlights my Lionel "Warhorse" freight car set from 1998.

What made these sets quite unique was the addition of a weathered paint scheme on the locomotive and cars direct from the factory. The “weathered” look symbolized years of hard service on the rails.

The train is pulled by a Lionel “704” 4-6-4, #3447. The Santa Fe called them "Super Hudsons". It features the “old school” Pullmor motor tucked inside the cab. Slow speed operation is pretty much nonexistent, it wants to “highball” all the time. #3447 sat on the shelf for the better part of 10 years, I took it down, lubed it up and away it rolled. I like the fact it has the first generation of TMCC for control along with a wireless tether between the engine and tender.

The freight cars are all matching in the famous Santa Fe “Map Series”. The set came with (4) cars and I added (2) more. Bringing up the markers is a lighted caboose.

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@3rail posted:

The train is pulled by a Lionel “704” 4-6-4, #3447. The Santa Fe called them "Super Hudsons".

That's just a NYC Hudson in drag .

3447 is actually an ATSF Pacific number, so I have no idea why Lionel used it on a Hudson. The first ATSF Hudsons were the 3450 class:

Santa Fe class 3450 - Wikipedia

The 3460 class were the "Super Hudsons":

Santa Fe class 3460 - Wikipedia

MTH produced a very nice model of the later 3460 class. I own four of them.

@jrose609 posted:

Amazing video!  Love the Super Hudson whistle!  Great job, Donald!   I look forward to Fridays when I wake up and see a notification that you've published a new video.  Thank you!

Jason, my friend. I am glad I made your day. I am also glad you enjoyed the video. I have one more I am working on and then you may be forced to watch "reruns" for a while.

I have a big project I want to complete before Spring and the nice weather. My one tunnel back in the corner is going to get "daylighted". Too many issues with my big steam engines. I thought about making a video of the project, but it was decided to turn it into a magazine article for publication later this year.

I will need to build some temporary scaffold over the lower level to sit on during the build. I am glad I lost some weight!


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