I got the new VisionLine GG1 on 12/24.   Unpacked it and everything appeared ok.   Went to test it and one of the pantograph were unresponsive.   After restarted it, it worked for that session.   Today, The same pantograph is frozen in mid-position.   It does do the arc or led lighting effect.  However, it does not raise or lower when changing directions or by using the CAB2.   The other pantograph works ok.    

Is this a software issue?   Anyone have this and figure out a work around?   Is it time to send back to Lionel?   

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All the pivots have screws that have to be snug for the pant to work properly. If you stop the engine and turn it off, shut it down. Then the motor inside should have run against the micro switch stop. That is when the pant is all the way down. Do that slightly loosen the screws, and push very lightly on the top of the pant. It should go all the way down. In that position, snug up all the screws. It should be ok then...mine was.


There are 12 screws. The two at the bottom on each side have to do with the pant going all the way up and down. The rest of them need to be snug mostly so the LED works since the current goes thru all the metal struts. Use a proper blade screwdriver that fits the slot in the screw. and be gentle. Not tight, just snug works.



I did follow your steps to turn off and slightly loosen the 4 pivot screws.  then I carefully pushed the pant down carefully and snugged the screws.   It still returned to frozen 1/2 position.   Any other ideas?   

I will call Lionel for a RA and arrange to get this shipped back to Lionel for them to examine it.  


If the car was shut down, then the pant motor should run against the micro switch limit. That's all the way down. Then when the motor runs when the car is turned on, the pant motor runs against the other limit and the pant is all the way up. If in the off position, pant all the way down, snugging the screws doesn't result in the pant to go all the way up when turned on, then something inside is preventing the motor and lead screw from going all the way to the up limit. It's mechanical with two limits, so the motor should automatically run from limit to limit. There aren't any loose wire rods, are there? There are a couple of wire rods at the very bottom that plug into the bottom pivots that once inserted in their holes are bent over a little to prevent them falling out. I'm not sure what exactly would happen if one were to come loose. I think they tie both pivoting bottom rods together because only one of them is directly actuated by the motor and lead screw.

That's all I have short of watching it run on the inside roof to see if it does go through the action.


Eddie, I have run two of them on my layout.  They were owned by other members.  I was happy with the operation.  Not having picked one up for myself, I have no horse in this race.







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Mine has a broken off hose, not in the packaging, and Lionel wanted me to send it back for a hose. I'm afraid to do that for just a little trim part. When the parts are available, I'll do it myself.


Lionel had to solder a wire inside my new Vision Line GG1 #4913 to fix the pantograph. The engine still stalls and blinks "one" Cab Blink. I have to re-program the #4913 to get it to work again.

My GG1 #4935 has to go back for a new body shell. I have an RA for it too and my new Allegheny #1604 that shorts out my ZW-L Transformer.

My new #1608 Allegheny just arrived with a broken driver today. It had a loose screw in the box from one of the four pedestals that support the engine. I need to get an RA from Dean for this and my new Meadow River Heisler that has loose windows.


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