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Just received a brand new VisionLine GS-3 2031500 from Trainworld.  Really nice looking engine.

Works in conventional control mode and Bluetooth mode without any problem.  But does not work in command mode (Legacy or TMCC).  It does not see the signal from the base.  Therefore it will not allow me to do an engine reset.  Starts up in conventional mode when Legacy is connected when I power-up.

I did verify that my Legacy control system is working with other engines.

I tried the engine with Bluetooth "on" and with Bluetooth in the "off" position.  Still does not see the signal from the base.

Any suggestions or is this a case I need to send it back to Lionel, etc.?  Really hoping to run this engine for Christmas.

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Firstly Bluetooth and LEGACY are not exclusive to one or the other basically either the legacy radio board dumps serial data into the main motor driver or the Bluetooth receiver does. You can even happen at the same time and contradict each other that’s why where’s a Bluetooth on off switch.

Obviously this is a locomotive issue, if you don’t see where the handrails are obviously grounded then check continuity between a handrail and the outside rail or a driver. Also try holding your hand over the locomotive during power up/ operation

Thanks Zachariah.

I held my hand over the engine.  Still starts up in conventional only.

I did confirm no continuity (grounding) between the handrails and the outside rails when placed on the track.

I was hoping to find information regarding what components/boards see the legacy signal.  I think these new boards have the radio board directly attached to the main control board now.  In earlier production (couple of year(s) ago), the radio board was "plugged" into the top of the RCMC board.

I think I am resigned to return the engine to Lionel.  That said, I'll call Trainworld first thing in the morning to see what they say.

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