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I am blessed with a number of friends who have layouts and love sharing them. As a result, I'm pleased to announce that I've started a new monthly feature on ; "Friend's Layouts".

The first installment is now up, my friend Mike C's layout. Check it out and, should you be so inclined, I'm sure Mike would appreciate you posting your comments there.

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John nice additional feature to your website. Mike has two very nice layouts. Do you have any info on those cars on the shelf just above the prewar layout?  John it’s great that you have nearby train friends to share the hobby with. Also, I see you finally got you signature updated with your pic….looks great.

Hi Rich

Mike advises: "The cars on the first shelf (going up to top ) are all Carlisle and Finch mining locos from the early 1900’s . They are among the first electric trains . All the others on the shelves above the first are ALL wind-ups from Marx, American Flyer, Ives, Dorfan, Hafner and Lionel-all Pre WW 2.  The Carlisle and Finch are all essentially Pre WW 1 . Almost all the trains on the table are Carlisle and Finch."

I can attest that ALL of the 100 (+,-) year old trains on the layout run, and that they run well!

@Lionelski posted:

Thanks Donnie,

Wait until you see another friend's two layouts in the December installment of "Friend's layouts".

A teaser: Some of the most unique vignettes on any layout I've ever seen. Hint: Do you like movies and television shows?

The 2nd monthly installment of the Friend's Layouts feature is now up on the website ( ).

See the teaser above - how many scenes can you recognize?

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