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So, are these MTH Premiere models Atlas purchased and is now under their name?  Looks like the MTH stuff with PS 3.0.  I'm so confused on the whole MTH closing, not closing, etc.

I was told now MTH was still producing models, so it's not really closed.  Just the big building was sold.  And some parts of the company split up.

Anyone have the real story?


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MTH has sold a certain amount of tooling to Atlas and Lionel as well as others.  They are licensing DCS to Atlas presumably for the tooling they purchased and the DCS control components.

MTH continueS to do limited custom runs from their remaining tooling.  This is one of 3 MTH entities.  The other is the DCS / electronics group in Michigan that will continue to develop and support DCS.  The third is MTH parts and Sales that will supply parts.  Mike while out of the day to day is still involved to an extent.  Rich Foster seems to be heading up the MTH custom and limited run division.  Mike Reagan has been contracted to deal with the parts.  The folks who have been the heart of DCS will maintain that division.

The pretty much what most of us know from what has been said by the particulars on various web shows and statements.

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